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Get to Know Us

The Gum Tree Apiary of Western Australia has its roots firmly entrenched in traditions that have been passed down through generations of the Koch family to Paul who was raised in the practice of beekeeping in South Africa.

“With the establishment of the Gum Tree Apiary, we realized the importance of technology in terms of production, marketing and distribution and set out to ensure that we are able to consistently deliver our purest honey to all corners of the globe,” says Paul. “Our focus is on producing a select range of gourmet honeys extracted from our 400 hives located in the environmentally pristine bushland of Western Australia.

We are active members of the Western Australian Beekeepers Association and belong to the Australian Honey Producers Association.”

We are licensed with the Australian Department of Agriculture and strive to ensure that our honeys are produced to the highest possible levels of taste, goodness and purity.

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